About Us

Dream Decor Products is a leading Brand in Flooring and Interior Decoration products and Quality products at affordable pricing are the business model we work on, and we have products to suit any requirement or budget.

The range of products include Wall to Wall Carpets, Carpet Tiles, Laminated Flooring, Leather Flooring, Cork Flooring, Vinyl Flooring, Blinds, Wall paper and Artificial Turf.

first in home decor for people to shop, gift, promote the most in home interiors and accessory designs. With our diverse and everexpanding portfolio which includes fabulous designs in self-installable wallstickers, crafted designer wall clocks, laptop and automobile graphics, artisticcanvas paintings, immaculate sculptures and more, we are sure you will findthings that fit not only your desires but even your fancies..

Dream Decor we endeavor to free up people from the restrictions of time and ideas when it comes to redefining your home or office spaces. This vision is reflected in our range of creative, easy to install home decor products available at a single click and at the most competitive prices.

As we grow we aspire to co-create with fans/people for creating a platform where your design genious can be converted into a tangible, commercial product.we don't want anybody to shy away from thinking about and creating mind blowing decor designs