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Cork comes from the bark of the cork oak, a predominantly Mediterranean tree, and is removed without having to fell the tree or damage it in any way. Cork is a one hundred percent ecological raw material and owes its unique properties to its cell structure. Cork is truly one of nature's wonders and Swissfloor has developed their own special manufacturing processes to ensure that their products meet the exacting quality standards required by Swiss law.

Technical Specifications:

Architectural Specification

Construction - Multi layered engineered flooring

Plank Size - 915mm x 305mm

Total thickness – 11 mm

Abrasion Resistance – AC5 / EN 13329

Scratch Resistance - Hot Coating / 2N

Lightfast - >7

Reaction to fire – CELs 1

Swellness value 24 hrs - <8%

Recommended for areas having dense traffic such as offices, hotels and residentials.