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Our goal was to produce a stone flooring which is warm to the feet and equals a solid stone slab regarding its look and feel as well as its quality but does not share its disadvantages (costs, joints, coldness and hardness). The surface is made of a thin slab of natural slate. In India thin layers of slate are removed by means of a special technique. In order to correct the unevenness of the slabs reverse side, a warming cork layer is bond to it. The cork-layer underneath the slate provides a comfortable and pleasant warm walking experience and increases walking comfort. Additionally, the sound insulating cork granules reduce footfall sound. The sound surface is fire resistant, flexible, robust and can be impregnated or oiled (on site). This new joint less flooring spares natural resources by using cork, a renewable material, and quarrying only a very thin layer of slate. The different sorts of this natural (slate or mica slate) and its natural colours make every panel unique and an experience for all the senses.

Technical Specifications:

Construction - Multi layered engineered flooring

Plank Size - 1235mm x 305mm

Total thickness – 11 mm

Abrasion Resistance – AC5 / EN 13329

Scratch Resistance – PU Coating

Lightfast - >7/8

Reaction to fire – CELs 1 (B1)

Swellness value 24 hrs - <8%

Recommended for areas having dense traffic such as offices, hotels and residentials.